Tossed Caesar Salad

$15.25 Per Person

Crisp Baby Romaine with Parmesan Croutons and a Classic Caesar Dressing

“Tossed Table Side by an Attendant”

Selection of Island Grown Mixed Greens

$15.25 Per Person

Garnished with Slow Roasted Tomato, Peppered Honoka’a Goat Cheese and Asian Pear

Tarragon and Walnut Focaccia Ficelle

Served with Creamy Maui Dressing and Port Wine and Shallot Emulsion

Counrty Style Salad

$15.50 Per Person

Frisee, Mizuna, Roasted Pancetta, Quail Eggs, Chanterelles, Warn San Daniel Ham

And Gruyere Crostini

Served With Truffle Vinaigrette

Tossed Tatsoi Salad

$16.25 Per Person

Hoisin Glazed Smoked Duck Breast, Candied Macadamia Nuts

And Dried Cranberries

Accompanied by a Orange Sesame Sake Vinaigrette

“Tossed Table Side by an Attendant”

Vine Rippened Tomatoes and Parmesan

$15.25 Per Person

Kula Red and Yellow Tomatoes

Shaved Maui Onions and Fennel, Lola Rossa, Frisee and Shaved Parigiano Reggiano

Served with Balsamic Vinaigrette

Tossed Spinach Salad

$16.25 Per Person

With Grilled Maui Onions, Taro Croutons and Bell Pepper Julienne

Apple Wwod Smoked Bacon and Dijon Vinaigrette

“Tossed Table Side by an Attendant”

Warm Gorgonzola Tartlets

$15.50 Per Person

Baby Romaine, Red Oak, Frisee and Lola Rossa served with Warm Gorgonzola and Maui Onions Tartlet, Candied Hazelnuts

Raspberry Vinaigrette


Maui Onion Soup ”En Croute”

$13.25 Per Person

Baked with A puff Pastry and Gruyere Crust

Duck Consomme Confit

$12.25 Per Person

Garnished with Duck Confit and Herb Gnocchis

Carrot and Beet Vermicelli

Vanilla Flavored Kona Lobster Bisque Cappuccino

$14.25 Per Person

Topped with Brandy Cream

Essence of Mushrooms and Sherry Cream Soup

$12.25 Per Person

Garnished with Seasonal Wild Mushrooms Ragout

Shaved Parmesan Cheese

Roasted Vine Ripened Tomato Soup

$12.25 Per Person

Finished with a Touch of Crème Fraiche and Served with Mozzarella Beignets

And Pear Tomato and Basil Composition

Provencal Style Fish Soup

$14.25 Per Person

Fresh Island Catch, Clam, and Shrimp

Leeks and Fennel Julienne,

Ina Saffron Tomato Broth, Aioli Profiteroles

Cream Of Leeks and Yukon Potato

$12.25 Per person

Served Hot or Chilled, Topped with Truffle and Chives Crème Fraiche

Chilled Seasonal Melon Soup

$12.25 Per Person

Laced with Port Wine and Fresh Mint

**Attendant Fees are $125 Per Attendant, Per Hour

The above prices are subject to a 21% service charge and a 4.166% sales tax.


Ahi Carpaccio

$21.00 Per Person

Seared Lightly, Served with an Ancho Chili Aioli

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Toasted Garlic Crostini

Garnished with Beets, Fennel and Chervil Salad

Asian Salmon Gravlax

$20.00Per Person

Cured With Chinese Parsley and Thai Basil, Cracked Sesame Lavosh,

Vegetables Namasu and Rice Wine Vinaigrette

Wailea Shrimp Cocktail

$18.00 Per Person

Poached in Lemon Grass Flavored Court Bouillon

Jicama and Cucumber Salad, Enhanced with Blood Orange Coulis

Chilled Thai Style Beef Tenderloin

$20.00 Per Person

Marinated with LemonGrass and Kaffir Lime, Seared and Thinly Sliced

Served with a Green Papaya Salad

Drizzle of Mint and Rice Vinegar Dressing and Thai Chili Sauce Marinade

Side of Cumin Flavored Naan Bread

Lobster and Foie Gras

$25.50 Per Person

Lobster Medallions and Fresh Made Foie Gras Terrine with Frisee and Mizuna

Poha Berry Chutney and Dried Cherry Ginger Port Reduction

Champagne Caviar Vinaigrette and Warm Brioche

The above prices are subject to a 21% service charge and a 4.166% sales tax.


Seared Diver Scallops

$21.00 Per Person

On Pesto Flavored Risotto

Enhanced with Lobster Lemon Verbena Vinaigrette

Open Face Pecking Duck Mu-Shu Ravioli

$20.00 Per Person

Watercress Salad and Poha Berry Emulsion

Pomegranate Glazed Pork Tenderloin

$20.00 Per Person

With Grilled Waimea White Corn Polenta and Port Wine Reduction

Grilled Marinated Portobello Mushrooms

$19.00 Per Person

With Beet and Gorgonzola Roesti

White Balsamic Reduction

Broiled Pacific Northwest Slamon

$19.00 Per Person

Marinated With Japanese Sake and Soy, Served with Edamame Mouseline

White Miso and Ume Beurre Blanc

Polenta Crusted Blue Crab Cake

$21.00 Per Person

Upcountry Corn Relish and Chanterelles and Micro Cress

Served with Two Aiolis, Harissa and Lime

The above prices are subject to a 21% service charge and a 4.166% sales tax.


$6.75 Per Person

Sorbet Selections to Include:


Lemon Verbene

Raspberry and Champagne Rose



Blood Orange

Pineapple Basil

Pink Guava

Kiwi Lime

The above prices are subject to a 21% service charge and a 4.166% sales tax.


All Plated Dinners include Freshly Brewed Kona Blend Starbucks Coffee and Decaffeinated and Assorted Herbal Teas

Freshly Baked Rolls and Butter

A three-course minimum applies to all plated dinners

Fresh Hawaiian Catch and Angus Beef

$76.75 Per Person

Braised Beef Filet in Light Horseradish jus

Paired with Potato Crusted Fresh Hawaiian Catch

Yukon Gold Basil Masher, Haricots Verts and Slow Roasted Roma Tomatoes

And Verjus Beurre Blanc

Lobster Tail and Angus Beef

$78.75 Per Person

Seared Beef Tenderloin Crusted with Slow Roasted Shallots

Accompanied by a Grilled Herb Oil Marinated Lobster Tail

Sweet Potato and Yukon Gold Mousseline

Merlot Jus and Citrus Roasted Anaheim Pepper Butter

Seasonal Vegetables

Tiger Prawns and Angus Beef

$76.75 Per person

Grilled Apple Wood Smoked Beef Filet and Chipotle Cilantro Marinated Tiger Prawns

Served with Chevre and Corn cake, Grilled Portobello Mushrooms

Sauce Bordelaise and Muscadet Beurre Blanc

Tiger Prawns Paired with Braised Chicken

$70.00 Per Person

Herb Marinated and Grilled Prawns and Braised Chicken Breast

Milanese Sauce and Gremolada

Lobster and Herb Mashed Potato and Seasonal Vegetables

The Grand Trio

$81.75 Per Person

Veal Medallion with Crab and Cilantro Crust, Apple Wood Smoked Beef Medallions, Lavender Lime Flavored ½ Spiny Lobster Tail, Coriander beurre Blanc and

Merot Sage Reduction, Herb and Gorgonzola Red Bliss Masher and Seasonal Vegetables

Dry Aged New York Steak

$68.75 Per Person

10oz Angus Beef, Served on Caramelized Maui onions Potato Mousseline

Hickory BBq and Brandy Demi Glaze, Asian Ratatouille

Gorgonzola Crusted Beef Medallion

$73.00 Per Person

Angus Beef, Served with Potato Tart, Shallots Marmalade

Lobster Mushrooms Creamy Bordelaise

Seasonal Vegetables

Seared Veal Chop

$71.25 Per Person

Creamy Seasonal Wild Mushrooms Sauce, Basil and Parmigiano Reggiano Risotto Cake, Roasted Upcountry Corn Casserole, Port Wine Glazed Figs and Seasonal Vegetables

Coriander Seed Crusted Pork Tenderloin

$68,75 Per Person

Braised Served with Horseradish and Caramelized Shallot

Mashed Potato, Seasonal Green Vegetables, Pommery Mustard Demi Glaze

Roasted Chicken Breast

$65.25 Per Person

Served with a Ginger Pommery Mustard and Sauternes Sauce

Braised Local Greens and Herb Coated Asiago Polenta Fries

Hawaiian Waters Fresh Catch

$70.00 Per Person

Green Tea Flavored Seasonal Hawaiian Catch

Served with Lobster Masher, Grilled Vegetables and Roasted Almonds

Kiawe Smoked Tomato Ragout

Pacific Northwest Silver Salmon

$67.75 Per Person

Oven Baked, Baby Artichokes and Slow Roasted Tomatoes

Cabernt Savignon Beurre Rouge and Roasted Shallot Beurre Blanc

Seared Snapper

$72.50 Per Person

Szechwan Pepper and Lemon Grass Marinated Fresh Hawaiian Snapper

Black Thai and Jasmine Rice, Wilted Bok Choy, Five Spice and Plum Warm Vinaigrette

Tiger Prawns

$66.25 Per Person

Herb Marinated and Grilled, Served with Basil Yukon Gold Mousseline,

Grilled Island Corn and Warm Honaunau Green Beans Salad Style with Roasted Pancetta

And Candied Macadamia Nut, Warm Cilantro Pesto

The above prices are subject to a 21% service charge and a 4.166% sales tax.


Chilled Tropical and Berries Sabayon Trifle

$15.25 Per Person

Mixed Berries, Mango, Kiwi, and Pineapple Marinated in Vanilla Syrup,

Served with Grand Marnier Sabayon

Double Chocolate Cheesecake

$14.25 Per Person

White Chocolate Cheesecake with Caramelized Macadamia Nuts,

Served on a Hazelnut Dacquoise and Chocolate Sauce

Flourless Chocolate Decadence

$15.25 Per Person

Coated in Chocolate with Vanilla Cream Sauce

Grand Wailea Smapler

$18.75 Per Person

Amaretto Cheesecake,

Kula Apple Banana Brulee and Guava Mousse

Hana Banana Chocolate Chunk

$14.25 Per Person

Caramelized Hana Bananas in a Chocolate Mousse Cake

Served with Crème Anglaise

Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate Macadamia Nut Mousse

$15.25 Per Person

With Port Wine Cherries and Sauce Anglaise

Kona Coffee Cappuccino Cheesecake

$14.25 Per Person

Bailey’s Milk Chocolate Sauce

Tropical Crème Brulee

$15.25 Per Person

With Fresh Fruit and Lilikoi Sauce

Tahitian Vanilla Bavarois

$14.25 Per Person

Vanilla and Banana Cream with Berries and a Mango Coulis

Lilikoi Meringue Tartelette

$12.25 Per Person

With Raspberry and Mango Sauce

The above prices are subject to a 21% service charge and a 4.166% sales tax.

Grand Desserts Reception

$45.25 Per Person

Array of Mini Fresh Pastries that May Include:

Grand Marnier Crème Puffs, Hazelnuts Éclairs, Opera Cake, Coffee Mocha Cake,

Fruit Tartlettes, Cream Horn, Cheesecake, Napoleons

Selection of Cookies Including:

Maui Snow Balls and Chocolate Shortbread Cookies

Kilauea Cake: Chocolate Kona Coffee Mousse Cake

Lilikoi Meringue Tartlettes

Individual Chocolate and Coffee Mousses

Individual Grand Marnier Crème Brulee

Warm Pineapple Mango Cobbler with Assorted Coulis and Crème Chantilly

Choice of One (1) of the following Stations:

*One Chef to Prepare Per Station, Per 75 Guests

Banana Lumpia with Tahitian Vanilla Pastry Cream, Bitter Sweet Chocolate Sauce

Served with Caramel Ice Cream


Fresh Berries Flambé Served on Pineapple Shortbread

With Kaluha Flavored Crème Fraiche


Crepe Station

Warm Macadamia Nut Crepes with Chocolate Sauce

Freshly Brewed Starbucks Coffee and Decaffeinated

Chocolate Macadamia Nut Coffee with Cinnamon Sticks, Rock Candy Stir Sticks, Whip Cream, Candied Orange Rind, Nutmeg Cream and Chocolate Shavings

The above prices are subject to a 21% service charge and a 4.166% sales tax.


At Island Catering, exceptional people are our main ingredient. For over 15 years we have maintained our Culture of excellence by making people our top priority.


CEO / Executive Chef


Executive Accountant




Kitchen Manager


Server Coordinator


Event Manager


Executive Assistant


Executive Coordinator


Chef Of Cousine